About CapRateIndex


Welcome to CapRateIndex, a site we founded in 2019 to support our real estate (RE) investment activities. As active RE investors, analyzing and comparing properties was challenging without having sufficient and up-to-date capitalization rate (Cap Rate) data, especially as we searched for properties in new markets and regions.

Due to this lack of available Cap Rate information, we started collecting and organizing data points for the cities and zip codes we were researching as possible investment opportunities. We then decided to make this information available online to others as well.

We are glad to see that real estate investors, property owners, developers, agents and brokers, banks, auditors, and researchers from the US and worldwide utilize our data.

We hope that you find our website useful for your real estate initiatives.

We seek to improve our website daily, and if you have suggestions on organizing the page and data to best support you, please don't hesitate to contact us.

CapRateIndex Admin