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1. About CapRateIndex
2. Cap Rate by City
3. Cap Rate by Largest Cities in the US

CapRateIndex's estimate of the Cap Rate for different property types (Single-Family, Multi-Family, Retail, Industrial, Office, and Specialty) for the 100 largest cities in the United States. The cities are ranked by population size from largest to smallest. We estimate the Cap Rate based on properties available for sale during a specific period. The cap rate can vary depending on properties being offered at the market during that period and the sample of properties considered.
4. Cap Rate List

Use the Cap Rate List tool to search for the average Cap Rate (Capitalization Rate) by top US cities and states. For your convenience, the list also includes the average cap rate for the main property types: Single-Family, Multi-Family, Retail, Office, Industrial, and Specialty. You can filter by state by using the drop box below, or you can search for the city and state using the search box. Click on the column name to sort the column data by ascending or descending order.
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